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domi horti durabile
Domi Horti Hurabile

Third generation soil-less garden

Glass hydrophonic dome garden, with solar array, a water reservoir and three board modules | 65 x 20 x 20cm

Prima Generation Domi Horti Durabile

This is the first generation of sustainable home gardens. It gets it's power of the solar cells, installed on top of the installation. This sphere runs on a integrated rechargeable battery.  A light sensor automatically turns the lights on at night time. It's furthermore equipped with a internal ventilator. The water inside this sphere is constantly reused by means of condensation.

All electronics are placed inside the dome (except for the solar cells and the light sensor). Because the plant inside, will eventually grow and climb towards the electronics, this plant will destroy the electronics, and by that, the sphere that sustains it's growth.

prima generation domi horti durabile
Under the Garden VIII

Metamelei  |  Pencil on wood | 122 x 61 cm
A view on the temple and town forum of the city of Metamelei.

Last Flight of the Birds
The last Flight of the Birds

Pencil on hand crafted paper | 30 x 30 cm

This drawing is one out of six drawings, that together can infinitely be recombined while layed out next to one another: each drawing compliments and fits next to the unique content of the others. Making this a hybrid composable series.

The Last Flight reveals a glimpse of the world that's taken over by the virus; in which not only the greater part of the human population has perished, but also other animal species like birds.

Under the Garden

Pencil on wood | 122 x 61 cm

Under the Garden


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